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Harper  Cromarty to Sunderland













George Harper  





 Mary  Harper















Harper....In early times the harper was a hereditary official in the households of many great families.The last hereditary harper appears to have been Murdoch Macdonald- harper to Maclean of Coll, who died in 1739.Although Harper/Harpur are both common in Co.Antrim and Co.Wexford, they originated from Scottish stock and were originally MacCruiters (son of the cruit-a six stringed harp). The modern name is now MacWhirter.  Harper and MacWhirter are kin to the Buchanan clan, and their names are associated with Stirlingshire, Aberdeenshire, Galloway and Berwickshire. An early recording of Harper was found in Kiltarlity, nr. Dundonald, Ayrshire.



Thomas Harper  m.  Sarah Collins  in  Cromarty, 1826

Alexander Reid  m.  Marg/Mary Graham in  Roskeen,  1812                                                                                              

Thomas Harper b. 1827- Alexandrina Reid b. 1826

Thomas Harper  m.  Alexandrina Reid  in Cromarty in 1844

* nothing known until Sunderland 1861-the Harpers arrived there between 1851-1853 *

Children .....Margaret  b.  Scotland      1848

                     Thomas  b.      ..             1851

                        Sarah  b.  Sunderland  1853

                  Alexander b.       ..            1857

                        Mary  b.       ..            1859 (Link)

                     George  b.       ..            1862 (Link)

                         John  b.    Jarrow      1866

                       James  b.  Scotland (Shotts) 1868



        George Harper  m.  Mary Ann Holland in Tynemouth 1883

   Known Children...Mary Jane  b. 1884  Tynemouth (Link)

* There were other children-Middlesborough area to be researched *

*HELP....does anyone know the children of George and Mary Ann  Harper?                                                        or any info. on Alexandrina Harper (m.s Reid)

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        Mary Harper  m.  Thomas Lee Stobbs  in Heworth 1877

   Children.....William  Stobbs  b.  1878

                    Thomas  Stobbs  b.  1880

                         Alec  Stobbs  b.  1881

                         John  Stobbs  b.  1883 (Link)

                       James  Stobbs  b.  1885


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