MacAodha........names to be researched            
Lanarkshire...Neville, Thompson, Thomson, McLorrie
William Neville m. Mary Thompson around 1874? only known child is John Neville who was born 1875 and m. Janet Thomson in Bannockburn, Stirling in 1897, Janet was the daughter of Richard Thomson and Margaret McLorrie?. (Children were Margaret, McLorrie, Thomson,Neville and John Neville (adopted). Margaret m. Robert Walker McGhee in 1916.  Robert died in 1924 age 29yrs. Margaret later m. John Anderson and emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Margaret died in the early 1970's.)
Margaret Lemon b. Ayrshire ? 1817 - nothing known. Also, nothing known of the children of James McGhee and Jessie Walker ( Jessie is believed to have been born in Wigtown) ?
Ross and Cromarty...Harper,Reid,Graham,Collins,

(Thomas Harper  m.  Sarah Collins  in  Cromarty, 1826.  Alexander Reid  m.  Marg/Mary Graham in  Roskeen,1812.   Thomas Harper b. 1827- / Alexandrina Reid b. 1826  Thomas Harper  m.  Alexandrina Reid  in Cromarty in 1844 )   * nothing known until Sunderland 1861-the Harpers arrived there between 1851-1853. Thomas to work on building the Docks. *   Also to find the children of George Harper and Mary Ann Holland -to be found ?they resided in the Stockton area and also Tynemouth


Northumberland and Durham...Stoups,Stubbs,Stobbs
William may have been born in Newbattle, Midlothian, but this is not certain as yet?  Also to research the children of William Stubbs (other than Thomas Lee Stobbs) - and to research the brothers of John Stobbs. (some facts known)                                                  




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